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About Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin

Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin is a Ginza, Tokyo-based specialty Tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet) restaurant, first established in 1927. It has offered a variety of signature dishes that have been kept true for three generations. These dishes originally included a broad menu of Yoshoku-style foods. These Western-style Japanese food items included favorites like Japanese curry, beef stew, and Tonkatsu.


As the restaurant’s popularity grew, its founder, Mr. Nobukatsu Shibuya, began to focus on creating the perfect Tonkatsu. He utilized his background as a pharmacist to create a unique Tonkatsu sauce that is the gold standard for this sauce style to this day. Ginza Bairin has always used the highest quality products and carefully selected ingredients to create a perfect bite. Shibuya’s discerning palate and high standards ensured that every ingredient did its job of highlighting the superior quality pork that was used for the cutlets.


Ginza Bairin was the first to offer the now popular bite-size katsu (Hitokuchi Katsu) and katsu sandwich (Katsu Sando). It has a history as deep and rich as the sauces that flavor the dishes and serve as dip for pork cutlets. Now, Ginza Bairin is once again making history by opening the first Yoshoku-style restaurant in Hawaii.

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About Yoshoku Ginza Bairin

Ginza Bairin was eventually passed from Nobukatsu to his son, and it is now owned by Mr. Shibuya’s grandson, Masaya. Masaya is a revered chef in his own right, and has decided to go back to Ginza Bairin’s roots by opening Yoshoku Ginza Bairin. This new Waikiki Japanese restaurant, a Yoshoku-ya (restaurant where yoshoku is served), offers a broad menu of Yoshoku favorites. These plates represent Japanese comfort foods that include rich, delicious flavors and hearty servings.


Yoshoku is a term used to describe Japanese dishes inspired by Western food, but are completely their own, unique dishes. Yoshoku (Western-style food) is one of two main styles of food in Japan. Washoku (Japanese food) is the other, more familiar style of food that is more centered around fish and vegetables. Yoshoku is a more meat-based style. Popular dishes in this style include tonkatsu, curry, spaghetti, and gratin dishes — but with their own twists. Western influences are mostly drawn from Italian, French, Portuguese, and Russian cuisines.


The two Japanese Waikiki restaurants are the only two Ginza Bairin restaurants outside of Asia. Please join us as we continue to make history and spread this unique, enjoyable style of food across the world!


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